Emergency Services

Our emergency response teams are on standby across the state of Ohio for immediate response 24/7. We are typically on site within 55 minutes for most areas of the state. Our well trained and highly experienced teams will secure your property or business quickly and properly preventing further damage to your property. Our immediate response teams are trained to handle any issue that you may be facing including leaking pipes, roof exposure, window board-ups, and much more. Call our emergency hotline for 24 hour response at 1.800.453.4339.

Heritage Restoration Network, LLC Corporate Headquarters Strasburg, Ohio

Heritage Restoration Network, LLC can service all locations across Ohio... Call Today!

  • Fire Damage Restoration
  • Leaking Roofs or Pipes
  • Commercial Building Repair
  • Water or Flood Damage Control
  • Many other Damage & Restoration Needs!